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Bottom Rack

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Weight of Part: (lbs)
Orifice Size in Parts: (if applicable)
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What Type of Dirt (oil, grease, rust, sludge, metal shavings, etc.):
List of Relevant Options with Pricing (unless included in tank price)
Sweep with Auto-tune
Filtration System
Oil Skimmer
Weir with Spray Bar
Spare Filters

Multi Tank Option:

Additional (secondary) Ultrasonic Tank
Cascading Rinse Tanks
Drying Oven Tank
Basket Transfer System or Power Lift
PLC Controls with HMI interface for 7 Day Programmable Cleaning Cycles
Chemical you Intend to Use :

Estimated Delivery Time :



If you have any question please call the phone number at the top of this page.

Custom Machine Quote

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