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Ultrasonic Rod Transducer

Ultrasonic Rod Transducer" title="Ultrasonic Rod Transducer

Ultrasonic Rod Transducers (Click Here for Brochure)

Traditional ultrasonic transducers are surface mounted, and send their ultrasonic waves in one direction. It's effective, but they create dead spots in tanks where the ultrasonic cleaning action is less effective. SharperTek®'s line of ultrasonic rod transducers solves this problem.

What Is an Ultrasonic Rod Transducer?

Ultrasonic Rod transducers are designed to let the piezo element create its ultrasonic vibrations across a cylindrical, tube type element. The design allows the system to generate an ultrasonic wave in an omnidirectional way ¯ the waves radiate in all directions from the source, not just in one direction like traditional surface plane mounted transducers.

What Ultrasonic Rod Transducers Mean to You

Because the ultrasonic waves radiate in all directions from the source, every volume of your ultrasonic tank is actively creating ultrasonic cavitations. That means that every surface area of every item you put into the tank is exposed to the cleaning action. No dead spots.

The Ultrasonic Rod Transducer Advantage

The chief advantage of a SharperTek® ultrasonic rod transducer system is the ability to create waves that radiate throughout the tank. But the advantage doesn't stop there. Ultrasonic rod systems are especially suited to a number of difficult to clean applications. Where you need a cylindrical surface clean, an ultrasonic rod transducer fits the application. And because of their unique radial characteristics, ultrasonic rod transducers are suited for applications where a high degree of debris break down is required, such as in sewage treatment. SharperTek® engineers are experienced in the application of ultrasonic rod transducers, and can assist you along the way in configuring an ultrasonic system to fit your needs.

The Ultrasonic Rod Tansducer Maintenance Advantage

In addition to the physical characteristics that make ultrasonic rod transducers a better solution to some applications, ultrasonic rod transducers also offer a maintenance advantage. The piezo crystals are replaceable on ultrasonic rod transducers offered by SharperTek®. That means that you get an extended service life on the system, somewhere between 10 and 20 years!

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