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Ultrasonic Shoebox Design

Ultrasonic Shoebox Design" title="Ultrasonic Shoebox Design

Ultrasonic Shoebox Transducers

Basic ultrasonic systems use dedicated arrays of transducers permanently mounted to the cleaning tank. These systems are highly effective at cleaning, but if trouble occurs with the transducer array, costly repairs follow. Shoebox ultrasonic transducers solve this problem.

What Is an Ultrasonic Shoebox Transducer?

Shoebox ultrasonic transducers are immersible ultrasonic transducer arrays that have been assembled and mounted in a hermetically sealed stainless steel box. The transducers effectively produce the ultrasonic cavitation process, yet are not permanently attached to the tank.

What Ultrasonic Shoebox Transducers Mean To You

When you use SharperTek® immersible shoebox ultrasonic transducer technology, you get every advantage of ultrasonic cleaning, but in case of transducer maintenance, cost and timing are not severely impacted as you are just replacing the shoebox, not the entire machine.

The Ultrasonic Shoebox Transducer Advantage

The advantage of a SharperTek® shoebox ultrasonic transducer technology is ease of maintenance and repair. When up time is important to your cleaning process, the shoebox design allows you to have on hand replacement transducer arrays which can be easily swapped into the cleaning tank. This significantly increases machine up time as compared to standard ultrasonic cleaning system repair.

Ultrasonic Shoebox Transducer Design Possibilities

Shoebox ultrasonic immersible transducers can be designed to utilize single frequency ultrasonic cleaning, multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning and sweep technology ultrasonic cleaning. SharperTek® is a recognized leader in design, fabrication and use of shoebox ultrasonic cleaning systems, and is ready to help you develop your shoebox immersible ultrasonic cleaning system.

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