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Ultrasonic Cannulated Surgical Instrument Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cannulated Surgical Instrument Cleaner" title="Ultrasonic Cannulated Surgical Instrument Cleaner

Ultrasonic Surgical Medical Cleaner by SharperTek

Our new medical ultrasonic cleaner is design to clean surgical tools for the  Intuitive Surgical Da Vinci Robot tools.  It can ultrasonically clean and flush both the SI and XI surgical tools models.  This machine can also be used to clean and flush endoscopic surgical tools and other cannulated instruments.

P.S.; Intuitive Surgical, and Da Vinci are registered trademarks by Intuitive Surgical, inc.

Designed for the removal of minute biological debris from difficult to clean areas of surgical and laboratory devices while soaking in a detergent solution. Use of this product should follow removal of gross debris as soil mass can dampen ultrasonic cavitations, effectively reducing cleaning results. Following ultrasonic cleaning, materials are to be rinsed & dried thoroughly in a companion Rinser/Blow-Off or processed through a mechanical Washer/Disinfector prior to preparing for terminal sterilization.

Stainless Steel Construction

All exterior panels are type 304 stainless steel with a #4 polished finish. The sonic cleaning chamber is constructed of low carbon, 12-gauge, type 316L mirror finish stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance.
Automated Controls and HMI Display
A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) located behind the front access door is used to program & control adjustable parameters as well as maintain control of automated functions.
UV Light and Ozone Swivel Lid
Provides and extra layer of cleanliness. Feature can be turned ON/OFF
Pressure air Blow Off
Blow-Off cannulated instruments post rinse cycle. Feature can be turned ON/OFF
Automatic Fill
Controller will automatically fill the sonic tank once cycle starts
Automatic Rinse and Spray Cycle
Controller will automatically fill the sonic tank without chemistry, sonicates and spray rinse.
Liquid Level Sensors
A low liquid level sensor is provided to assure the heaters are covered with water and a high level sensor is provided to assure proper liquid level depth for ultrasonic cleaning.
Overflow Protection
This product is equipped with built-in overflow to drain.
Automatic Cycle Start & Stop
Controller will automatically initiate start of ultrasonic cavitation once the tray has lowered into the solution and the tank is full.
Audible Cycle Alarm
An audible alarm will signal the start of a cycle as the lid closes and the end of a cycle as the lid opens.
Ozone and UV light Generator
Helps in maintaining a clean environment.
Automatic Cycle Timer
Controller will automatically run programmed cycle time.
Automatic Solution Heater
Thermostat automatically controls heater and maintains tank solution at pre-set temperature.
Automatic Detergent Dosing
Controller will automatically dispense a pre-set amount of sonic detergent into the water as the tank fills.
Automatic Drain
Controller will automatically open the drain valve when the DRAIN switch is pressed.

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