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Ultrasonic weapons cleaning F.A.Q.

Effective Cleaning and Lubrication for Handguns and Rifles

SharperTekŪ handgun and rifle ultrasonic cleaning systems are recognized as the best in the field. At SharperTekŪ we take keeping your firearm in the best, cleanest condition very seriously, that's why we put in the extra effort to ensure that your gun gets the best treatment possible from a handgun and rifle ultrasonic cleaning system.

What is a SharperTekŪ Ultrasonic Handgun and Rifle Cleaning System?

SharperTekŪ ultrasonic handgun and rifle cleaning systems are simple, easy to operate, effective ultrasonic cleaning systems that use the cavitating action of ultrasonic waves to scrub away dust, loose powder and grime from your firearm. A SharperTekŪ ultrasonic handgun and rifle cleaning system can be composed of a simple single tank that you alternately fill with cleaning solution and lubrication fluids which process the cleaning of your firearm, or they can be more elaborate, high volume, multi-tank systems where you fill individual tanks with cleaning agents, rinse agents and lubrication agents.

What Does a SharperTekŪ Ultrasonic Handgun and Rifle Cleaning System Mean to You?

When you use a SharperTekŪ ultrasonic handgun and rifle cleaning system, you get your firearms cleaner and better lubricated than by simply using elbow grease, brushes and time. Ultrasonic systems are designed to clean every nook and cranny of your firearm. And once the piece is cleaned, the ultrasonic system takes the process a step further and lubricates the weapon more thourougly than previously possible than with oil and cloth. Ultrasonic firearm cleaning systems are essential for any serious shooter to keep their firearms in top working condition.

SharperTekŪ Sweep Technology Enhances System Performance

SharperTekŪ takes the concept of firearm cleaning to a new level by offering an optional ultrasonic cleaning with sweep technology. feature to all of our large format firearm ultrasonic cleaners. ultrasonic cleaning with sweep technology. enhances the cleaning and lubrication process by making sure there are no dead spots in the ultrasonic tank. That means that every surface area of the weapon is being acted on by the ultrasonic cavitating action.

SharperTekŪ Engineers are Experts in Ultrasonic Firearm Cleaning

SharperTekŪ is a global leader in ultrasonic cleaning technology. For over a decade, SharperTekŪ engineers have been designing systems for every ultrasonic cleaning application, and we are proud of the effective cleaning systems we have supplied to private shooters and professional agencies throughout the USA.

Special pricing to all US Government, Law Enforcement and Military branches. We have GSA and NSN numbers through sister companies and sand by ready to serve your needs.

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