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Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

Ultrasonic Plastic Welders" title="Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

Principle of Ultrasonic Plastic Welders:

Ultrasonic plastic welders operate by inducing ultrasonic frequencies in plastic components that is converted into heat between the welded plastic laminates.  Frictional heat is produced so that thermoplastic parts melt and an insoluble connection between parts is forged in a very short period of time. The melting points of both working pieces is nearly equivalent which helps to form a uniform weld area.  The welded area is usually as strong as the matrix material.
Advantage of Ultrasonic Plastic Welders.

Ultrasonic plastic welding is instant and efficient.  The process is simple and yields high productivity.  Ultrasonic plastic welding reduces labor cost and the need to use fasteners and yields cleaner looking assemblies. 

Applications Of Ultrasonic Welders:

Automotive, electronics, home appliances, industrial components, electrical wiring components, lighters, toys, gadgets, medical, personal appliances and more.

Services We Offer:

Sharpertek Suggests the best machine required to meet customers need and designs and fabricates the horn and runs trial runs to verify process parameters.   Our horns are plasma coated with proprietary coatings designed to last long and are wear resistant.

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