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Ultrasonic Plastic Welder (4200W) SW-4200-15K

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Ultrasonic Plastic Welder Features

  • Horizontal adjustable welding rod head, welding horn adjusting is easy and efficient.
  • Precise digital amplitude control for fine-tuning is built in.
  • Double post and power driven body, machine operation is optimized.
  • Welding Time 0.1- 2 second.
  • Transducer is made in Germany with strong and stable input.
  • Titanium alloy stack is strong and durable.
  • Available in 2 frequencies.
  • High and low welding frequencies.


Model Input Voltage Output Power Frequency Minimum Pressure Operation Distance Size of Machine (L*W*H)(mm) Remarks
SW-4200-15K 240V 4200W 15KH 0.8 MP 100mm 6750*900*2100 Three-phase Transformer

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