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Ultrasonic Plastic Welder 35KHz, 800 Watts CNC Controlled

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Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

35 kHz 800W to 1200W

SonicBond™ Ultrasonic Plastic Welders by Sharpertek®

Sharpertek’s SonicBond™ Ultrasonic welders uses CNC controls for weld by automatic part sensing technology.

SonicBond™ is a self contained Ultrasonic Plastic Welder;

Sharpertek’s SonicBond™ is a small footprint ultrasonic plastic welder fully self contained unit with both the ultrasonic generator and the CNC controls housed in the press unit.  No air supply is needed to run the press. 

Comes Fully Assembled;

The ultrasonic plastic welder comes fully assembled with no cables to connect and no air line needed for operation.  The machine is 100% CNC controlled with automatic part sensing capability which makes it a plug and play system.  The SonicBond™ delivers unprecedented robustness and to your ultrasonic bonding process.

The SonicBond™ CNC Advantage; Air Source Not Needed!!

With all electric CNC controls the press is capable of automatically sensing the part and auto adjusting the weld starting point, velocity and force for “plug and play” ultrasonic welding applications.

  • Robut CNC Controls
  • Exact Melt Distance
  • Automatic Velocity Calibration and Weld Initiation
  • Programmable Stack Start Point; to reduce process time
  • I/O for Remote, PLC or Robot Automation


The SonicBond™ Ultrasonic Generator;

Available in the two most common frequencies – 20 kHz and 35 kHz – and with a maximum power output of up to 5000 watts, the SonicBond™ generator is a real powerhouse. Yet it is also easy to store thanks to its compact design.


High power output of up to 5000 watts

  • Continuous Sonic Scan for converter, booster and horn stack.
  • Digital frequency generation and control through 32-bit microcontroller
  • Electronic amplitude control from 50 % to 100 %
  • Control and monitoring of all functions via Windows touch PC
  • Programmable operating parameters for up to 99 individual welding processes
  • Tool recognition with automatic program selection
  • Monitoring of parameters and the number of welding processes
  • Fan control
  • Temperature management
  • Protection against short circuit, no-load operation and overload
  • RS-232 and RS-485 interface
  • USB service interface
  • Ethernet interface via touch PC


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