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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaner

Ultrasonic Blinds Cleaner by SharperTek® USA." title="Ultrasonic Blinds Cleaner by SharperTek® USA.Ultrasonic blind cleaners at the lowest price possible. We design and build our turn-key Ultrasonic Blind cleaning systems in our Auburn Hills Michigan facility. Our ultrasonic blind cleaners Designed, Built and Serviced in our Pontiac Plant, MI USA to guarantee quality and reliability. The SharperTek Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning machine comprise of two tanks, one tank has the ultrasonic power to clean the blinds and the second one is a rinse tank. The cleaning tank has an optional filtration system. When you buy from us an ultrasonic cleaning system you guarantee paying the lowest price possible as we are the OEM. Please call us for details at 248-340-0593.

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