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Ultrasonic Cleaner with Semi-Automated Transfer System

Semi-Automatic Cleaning System
Semi-Automatic Cleaning SystemSemi-Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning SystemSemi-Automatic Parts Cleaning SystemSemi-Automated Ultrasonic Cleaner
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SharperTek® Industrial Strength Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine with Semi-Automatic Transfer System. Machine is equipped with PLC and Programmable HMI interface. Cycle time can be programmed using HMI.

Semi-Automated Multi-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner
Multi-tank unit consists of a total of 2 tanks: ultrasonic cleaning tank, and super heated rinse tank which are welded into a stainless steel table-top and supported by a steel frame enclosure. All components are mounted in this frame assembly.

1. ) Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank:
* Tank cleaning size 36” x 36” x 36” tall from top of included stainless steel work rest platform to top of tank. Tank actual size is approximately 32x32x32.
* The ultrasonic cleaning tank includes a 4000 watts PEAK rod ultrasonic transducers.
* Transducers are powered by 2 Webber ultrasonic generators featuring Sweep Frequency Circuit to minimize the production of standing waves, and capable of Automatic Load Compensation which increases power to the transducers with increasing tank loads. These electronics are made in Germany and considered to be best in class.
* Operating Frequency: 40 / 25kHz
* Drain with ball valve and plugged fill ports included.
* Heater System: Designed to maintain cleaning fluid temperature. Includes a 12KVA immersion heater with digital temperature controller, and ceramic insulation. Tank target temperature is 120 to 140F.
* Tank is equipped with a weir and filtration system and an oil skimmer. The pump is a 1HP SSTL Centrifuge pump.
* Tank is equipped with automatic autofill feature and overflow protection. Overflow protection requires discharge drain at customer location.
* Tank is equipped with pneumatic cover controlled by PLC.

2. ) Supper heated Rinse Tank: Heats parts to 100 Degrees C to help drying the parts faster. Tank size 36” x 36” x 36”.
* 12KVA heater PLC temperature controlled.
* Tank is equipped with automatic autofill feature and overflow protection. Overflow protection requires discharge drain at customer location.

3. ) Steel Frame Support System:
* All tanks are mounted into a stainless steel table-top assembly which is mounted to a steel frame assembly, approximate size 160” x 40” x 68” tall.
* The frame is enclosed with stainless steel panels which allow for access to all internally mounted components.
* NEMA4X control enclosure includes Master Power Button with indicator light, E-stop, Manual Ultrasonic and dryer tank controls with digital temperature controller, ultrasonic generator indicator lights, control box safety access switch, and options controls.
* Transfer system is designed with pokeyoke controls for fool proof operation.

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