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GreaseBuster™ SC380 Parts Washer Compound by Sharpertek 1 Gallon

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GreaseBuster™ SC380 Parts Washer Compound by Sharpertek.

Description, Usage, and Dilution:

Grease Buster is an alkaline liquid cleaning com-pound. It is formulated to penetrate, lift and suspend a wide range of difficult soils and particulate from ferrous metals. This product is designed to work in soak tank and ultra-sonic cleaning systems, and specific turbo washer applications. It is especially good at dispersing particulate type soils and metallic fines. 

Usage range varies from 3 to 6 ounces per gallon. Cleaning solution temperatures should be maintained between 80 and 170F.  Metal Safety: for Use on Ferrous Metals Only!

Do Not Use on Aluminum, Zinc, Tin or Other Nonferrous Metals.

Product Use:

Formulated for industrial use only as a metal cleaner to remove grease, oil, and particulate from

ferrous metals (iron & steel) in conjunction with aqueous parts cleaning systems.

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